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Prada Outlet It was the only independent poll of the race.Trailing behind, at 15 percent each, were state senator Anthony Hardy Williams, 58, and Lynne Abraham, the 74 year old who served as Philadelphia District Attorney for nearly two decades.Former judge Nelson Diaz, former state senator Milton Street and former PGW executive Doug Oliver are seen as long shots.If the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Philadelphia were held today and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote:The race was full of dozens of opportunities for the candidates to share their vision for the city in dozens of discussions, forums and three televised debates including one on NBC10. It was at that debate, the first of the set, where Abraham collapsed 10 minutes into the contest. The fall was seen by many as a major blow to her campaign after questions arose about her age and whether she was out of touch with the evolving citizenry.Williams became mired in questions about campaign finances and had to pay an $8,000 fine after accepting six donations that violated city imposed limits and making more than $62,000 in off limit funds available to his campaign.ExclusivePolling Philly: Voters Split on City’s Direction, Favor RamseyBut it was his announcement that, if elected, he would fire Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey over the department’s stop and frisk policy that raised the most eyebrows Prada Outlet.