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Hermes Replica Bags It seems pretty hard to believe, but today marks the 15th anniversary of the day one of our favorite teenage tearjerkers was released in theaters: “A Walk to Remember.”Mandy Moore, 32, has gone on to star in one of the biggest television shows of the moment, “This Is Us,” and her co star Shane West has continued his successful career with various TV roles in shows like Salem and ER. But many fans have wanted to see a reunion since the film hit the theaters.Mandy Moore: All Grown Up!Well, they just might get their chance.’Tonight’: Houston Choir Sings ‘Lean on Me’Jimmy Fallon invites the Houston Choir to sing its gospel rendition of “Lean on Me” to bring hope to the victims of Harvey.While partaking in an “Ask Me Anything” conversation on Twitter, Moore revealed she, West and the rest of the cast have been working on getting a reunion together.”We’re working on it!” the actress responded when a fan asked about a potential future reunion between them, noting how “awesome” it would be.Both Moore and West have often explained the impact “A Walk to Remember” had on their lives and their careers. Moore opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the film, noting how much it influenced her at the age of 16.’Tonight’: Houston Choir Sings ‘Lean on Me'”I think that it was such an overwhelmingly positive, memorable experience for me because it was my first leading role, and it was the first film I worked on away from home,” she explained Hermes Replica Bags.