Note: You should get your Doctor’s consent before starting a juice only diet. Pregnant or nursing mothers and children should never go on a juice diet. Juice only diets are designed specifically for the detoxification period alone. Director Melissa Celine Outlet Handbag Kievman and playwright Calarco were both directing fellows at the Hangar in 1995, and the seeds of “R+J” were sown then. For the current production, she creates an expansive performance palette for her four players, who take full advantages of its colors. Nicole Villamil is an impulsive and ingratiating Romeo, while Eunice Akinola brings a simple clarity and sweet sense of longing to Juliet.

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Replica handbags celine But that theme gets lost in the film’s infatuation with mere material authenticity. The B 17s are real, the canteen singer sounds real, the flyers’ haircuts and pencil thin mustaches look real, and the Quonset huts, the oxygen masks and the brassy clatter of spent machine gun shells are real, too. But emphasis on the artifacts of war only puts distance between us and the war and finally makes the 1990 “Memphis Belle” more antiquarian than historical Replica handbags celine.