Hermes Replica Bags Collegiate pay per view. What a concept. Colleges and universities work a kid 30 hours a week on a football field and then take in proceeds from network TV, bowl games, ticket sales, booster clubs, T shirts, hats, pennants, etc. 9, 2014)For hundreds of thousands of Metra riders, the daily commute is about to get a lot more expensive.The rail agency announced Thursday that starting next February, one way fares will go up by an average of 10.8 percent to as much as 18.2 percent. The fares will keep going up every year for the next 10 years to help fund a modernization plan of the aging system which Metra officials say is long overdue.Over the entire 10 years, fares will increase by an average of 68 percent from current levels.PDF: Metra’s Proposed 10 Year Fare Increase Plan”Folks may love nostalgia, but it makes a powerful statement when our oldest cars date from the Eisenhower administration,” Metra chairman Martin Oberman said in a statement. “The majority of our rail cars are older than the majority of our daily commuters.”The 2015 fare hike will mean an increase of between 50 cents and a dollar for the average rider who buys a one way ticket. Hermes Replica Bags

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