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canada goose jacket sale The increasing involvement of private health companies in the NHS is evidence for this.”He accused Hunt of “cherry picking” data to support his argument, arguing that the relatively low increase in private NHS contracts which rose 0.1% in the last year was an “anomaly among the data since 2006.”(Image: AFP)And he said the reorganisation of NHS England into 44 regions, with the aim of running each as an “accountable care organisation” was a variant of the US system of “health maintenance organisations (HMO).”He added: “It is reasonable to expect the powerful US HMO companies such as Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealth will be bidding for the huge contracts to run these ACOs when they go out to international tender.”Stephen Hawking says humanity is DOOMED if we don’t start evacuating the Earth and colonising other planetsHe defended his call for Hunt to stop misrepresenting evidence in his push for a ‘seven day NHS’. Professor Hawking co signed a letter last year calling for healthcare policy to be “based on peer reviewed research and proper evidence.”Hunt had claimed thousands of patients died unnecessarily because of poor hospital care at weekends.He noted that Hunt had, by his own admission, dismissed research contradicting his claim, and relied on a single paper which explicitly warned that “to assume these excess deaths are avoidable would be rash and misleading”.He added: “As a patient who has spent a lot of time in hospital, I would welcome improved services at the weekend. For this, we need a scientific assessment of the benefits of a seven day service and of the resources required, not misrepresentation of research.”In his Twitter outburst last week, Hunt went on to claim the NHS under the Tories had seen record funding.But the Professor dismissed this as a “distraction”, adding: “Record funding is not the same thing as adequate funding canada goose jacket sale.